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We would like to introduce you to Cologne, a city with 2000 years worth of history.


Cologne was founded around the turn of the eras and was part of the Roman Empire
for almost half a millennium, it was the province capital of Germania Inferior and later
became the Merovingian royal residence.


In the Middle Ages, Cologne was one of the biggest and most significant cities. It was
not only a rich hanseatic town but also one of the most important pilgrim centers of
Europe. Besides many other relics, the remains of the three Magi found their last
resting place here. The people of Cologne built the gothic cathedral for them, which
nowadays belongs to the World Heritage and is the most popular tourist destination
in Germany. The next World Heritage of Cologne could be the twelve big, romanesque
churches from the inner city.


Today, Cologne, is a commercial and culture capital with more than a million residents,
The biggest city of Northrhine-Westphalia,  a university and media city with numerous
TV stations and publishing companies and a museum and theater district. Do not forget,
we are also the capital of Karneval.


We would like to lead you through the city history of Cologne, through streets
and places, through churches and museums or through the impressive Rheinau
harbor. You can also come on a walk with us through a romanesque
sewer tunnel beneath the streets of Cologne. Would you rather like to browse
around the dark alleys with a ghost or accompany the Cologne night guard on
his nightly tour? No problem! If you wish, the medieval executioner will even
lead you from the cathedral to the old place of execution. Very popular are our
brewery house tours during which you will find out a few things about the
Cologne beer and city history as well as get a taste of what a real "Kölsch"
(Cologne beer) is meant to be.


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